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The secrets of the 32 intelligences
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Be the best version of yourself

According to the Lousky method,
each person is born with 32 intelligences in a unique profile.
Humans understand life and the world through their developed intelligences
and through them they create reality and excel.
The 32 intelligences are responsible for our successes and failures,
The 32 intelligences are responsible for our health and our illnesses,
They are responsible for both our physical appearance
and the state of our bank account.
The good news is that we can train and develop our 32 intelligences
just as sportsmen train their bodies.

Create your successes

Our programs empower you to consistently follow through
on what you have learned,
to create unstoppable momentum.
You will receive practical tools in our program,
You will apply tools. You will breathe. You will do. You will live.
You will create a clear target of what you want in your life.
You will become the best version of yourself.