The secrets of the 32 intelligences Event.
Be the best version of yourself in any field you choose.

The Lousky Event seminar lasted 3 consecutive days
Under the guidance of Dr. Dany Lousky
The seminar takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
starts every day at 10.00 and ends at 19.00

The seminar includes lectures, processes, work in pairs and groups.
The materials taught at the Event are unique, powerful
and create a constant qualitative change in life.

We serve cold drinks and hot drinks throughout the seminar.
The seminar does not include meals and does not include accommodation.
This is possible at the hotel itself or outside the hotel of your choice.

Dr. Lousky speaks Hebrew In the seminars
with simultaneous translation in the host country or in English.

At the end of the seminar, a Digital course will be sent to you by email ,including lessons and meditation (In English), for continued training from home.

I am going to tell you about the secrets of all secrets,
exposed 3800 years ago.
Those who discovered these secrets became Smarter,
healthier, happier, richer.
They lived like kings while everyone was watching them.
Something happened to those people… who knew the secrets.
They were exposed to knowledge that was never seen before.

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