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Kingdom of nothing Children’s Book


Kingdom of nothing
Children’s Book for the Development of the 32 Intelligences.
The great and wondrous journey into the kingdom of nothing.

Digital Book
The book is presented in a digital kit that includes:
– The book in PDF file to read on any media.
– The book in an audio file for hearing in any media.
– The book in video video clip



Kingdom of nothing

Children’s book for Development the 32 intelligences.
They will remember you for life. Buy a book and give a gift.


The Way of the Book

I have written 14 books on education, health and success,
But, I’ve never written a children’s book, so short and so challenging, it’s not been me yet.
A whole year of back and forth, writing and archiving of materials, sometimes days and sometimes white nights, an extraordinary and empowering process. I had to simplify the knowledge I had collected during 30 years of research
To bring it to children in a simple and experiential way.

About the contents of the book

The book “Kingdom of Nothing,” tells the story of Ariel Queen of the A Land,
the land of free will.
Free will is the ability to be whatever children want
to be according to their free will.
The book “Kingdom of Nothing,” is the first of a series of books: “Tales of Creation”
hat deal with the training and development of the 32 intelligences.
The book The Kingdom of Nothing helps clearly
develop the awareness of free will,
as well as the development of free will intelligence.

Lousky Method

According to the Lousky method,
each child born with 32 intelligences in a unique profile.
Children understand life and the world through their developed intelligences and through them they create reality and excel.
The 32 intelligences are responsible for our successes and failures, The 32 intelligences are responsible for our health and our illnesses, They are responsible for both our physical appearance and the state of our bank account.
The good news is that the 32 intelligences can be developed
and trained just as muscle trainers do.

About me

In my youth I was a youth counselor at risk,
I ran a community center – community center,
I was the chairman of the management of two high schools in israel,
And an inspector in the Ministry of Education in the Youth Division in the Haifa District.
Today I train therapists and coaches in the unique method
I developed – the Lousky Method, at Beit Berl.
My doctoral dissertation was devoted to the development of innovative intelligence tests.

How was free will created?

Here is part of a workshop where I talk about the way free will is created.


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